Beijing Red

My thoughts: I give it ♥♥♥♥♥. What a great novel! The writing is tight and plot is riveting. All characters are fully fleshed and deeply drawn and I could not help but become emotionally involved. That is the mark of a tremendous novel, to make you care deeply about the characters and the outcome of the story. Bravo! I’m gearing up to read the next Nick Foley book. He is a great new addition to my book heroes.

Author’s Blurb:
When a team of charity workers in rural China suddenly succumbs to a mysterious illness, Nick Foley, an ex-Navy SEAL with a war-torn past, discovers the makings of a global catastrophe.

Still reeling from a mission gone wrong, Nick is reluctant to get back in the game, but with lives hanging in the balance, he must fight to uncover the truth and overcome his own demons. Along for the ride is Dr. Chen Dazhong, a brilliant, beautiful, and tough scientist with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Together, they unveil the outbreak’s unsettling ties to the Chinese government–and a conspiracy greater than either could have ever imagined.

As the trail of death leads from village to village, Chen and Foley must race against time—and geopolitics—to thwart an enemy too small to see in Alex Ryan’s debut thriller Beijing Red

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