Gathering Storm

My thoughts: I give it ♥♥♥. I rounded up. The story starts off strong with Hunter and Brian facing off and bantering back and forth. I liked both characters (which was really surprising considering what a jerk Brian was in the previous book in this series), and the hurt/comfort side was well handled in the beginning. As always, Land’s humor shone through, especially with characters like Nana who just steal page time. Finally, I liked the way the threads of Hunter’s Stalker and Christopher Robin’s still at-large assailant were woven together for the mystery plot.

However, miscommunication and some unnecessary drama later in the story spoiled things for me a bit and it lost quite a lot of its momentum toward the end. Thankfully, it picked back up for the ending and I got all the cheesy goodness I’ve come to rely upon and expect from Land’s writing in the HEA.

Author’s Blurb:
Working as a gay porn star has brought twenty-two-year-old Hunter Storm fame and fortune, but it’s cost him a lot, too. He’s learned to think of his body as little more than a commodity, and he copes with his loneliness by giving himself to whoever will have him. The job has also put him in the crosshairs of a stalker, a man so deeply disturbed that Hunter and everyone around him is in danger.

Fortunately, Hunter has allies, including his best friend Christopher and Nana, a feisty senior who’s decided he’s family. And then there’s Brian Nolan.

When Hunter first meets the angry, wheelchair-bound former Marine, it’s hate at first sight. But despite his shattered body and tattered psyche, Brian might turn out to be the best ally of all.

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