In Pieces

My thoughts: I give it ♥♥. I had a love/meh relationship with this story. There were parts I liked and some I didn’t . I loved Christopher and Kieran but more as individuals rather than as a couple and I absolutely adored Nana, she maded me laugh quite a few times because she’s a character I’d love to meet in real life.

The story is good but I found myself rolling my eyes a lot in while reading this story. Some of the things that happen just seemed contrived. I wasn’t looking for any type of reality in this series but this story goes over the top for me. Surprisingly little angst and it was too predictable for my taste.

Author’s Blurb:
Twenty-year-old Christopher Robin Andrews lives his life in pieces. He’s a student. An artist. A loyal friend. And he’s had to make a living as a prostitute. He’s barely holding it all together, surviving day by day.

But then an unexpected encounter with a gorgeous man at a Christmas party shakes up his world. The last thing Christopher’s looking for is love. But sometimes, even if you’re not looking for it, love finds you anyway. Ready or not.

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