My thoughts: I give it ❣❣. I expected more of Vincent, the Dark and Brooding. How Alexa Land thought turning the ultimate manly man into a sissy boy was a good idea is something I don’t want to understand. The first half, though is rife with witty dialogue and humorous situations. But that’s where it’s attraction ends. The second half was repetitive and boring, just set ups for more graphic sex. I think I’ll pass on the next book in the series.

Author’s Blurb:
Can two men from wildly different worlds prove to be each other’s salvation?

Trevor isn’t surprised that he’s a twenty-year-old virgin. He sees himself as skinny, clumsy, and shy, and is sure no one could possibly want him. Vincent Dombruso is about to prove him wrong.

Mysterious and troubled, Vincent masks a lot of secrets behind his handsome exterior. As the spark between them ignites, both men are surprised to find a kindred spirit in such an unexpected place. But Vincent’s Mafia ties and whatever he’s not telling Trevor could destroy their chances of a happily ever after.

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