How To Blow It With A Billionaire

My thoughts: I give it ❤️❤️❤️.  In this second book in the series, Arden and Caspian come to a closer understanding regarding their “relationship”. I’m not sure what that relationship is, because even after finishing this installment I feel like I barely know Caspian, and I’m hoping that Arden’s eyes are open.

Can I believe Caspian when he croons “My Arden” during intimate moments? I’m not sure. I’d like to think he’s authentic with Arden, but he’s mostly so tormented about his past that I have no sense of who he is beyond the fact he doesn’t want to repeat his past mistakes when it comes to dominant sexual preferences. Caspian just feels a bit wooden and one dimensional for me at times in this book, although there are a few flashes of kindness that saved it for me.

Arden has to face some growing up moments in How to Blow It with a Billionaire, such as his education, a job, and a serious accident that hurts someone he loves. He’s still open and caring, but he’s learning that life isn’t always smooth. I like how he believes in Caspian– Arden is who makes me care about Caspian too.

I had a few problems with this story. It’s told completely from Arden’s point of view, and I found it to be a bit repetitious and slow for my taste. I could have just read the last bits to get the story.

There’s a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of the story which you could probably figure out from the title. And although I had some issues with this book, I’ll probably check out the conclusion, just to see how Arden makes out.

Author’s Blurb: Be careful what you wish for . . .

Once upon a time there was a totally ordinary boy who fell for a cold, beautiful prince. Only it’s not a fairy tale, it’s my life. The prince is a billionaire called Caspian Hart. And we’re trying super hard to live happily ever after.

He’s everything I want, need, and can’t resist: a man who looks like a god and bangs like the devil. Except he’s still got his rules and he’s still got his secrets . . .

But if there’s one thing Caspian’s taught me it’s that you should never settle for less than you’re worth. And I’m worth his trust. I have to show him that I see him. That I’m not afraid of his passion, or his power, or his past. And that I won’t settle for less than everything.

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