One Good Man

My thoughts: I give it ❤️❤️❤️. I enjoyed this book. I believe this was a first book by the author, and he/she told a nice story. There was angst, loss, love and reconciliation. I wanted to know more about the characters and I would have loved to see them fleshed out more thoroughly.

Author’s Blurb:
Corporal Alex Indigo, USMC, is a gung ho, professional infantry Marine. In the era of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” he still needs to keep hidden the fact that he is gay if he wants to continue to serve. Trying to keep his private life private, he doesn’t date fellow Marines. Combat-deployed to Falluja, Iraq, however, he doesn’t have much outlet for his natural wants and desires.

When he meets Taylor, a fellow corporal, he feels a strong attraction to the handsome, quiet Marine. It is hard to hide anything in a combat zone, much less a romantic relationship, and he knows he needs to ignore Taylor, but can he ignore his own heart?

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