Tried and True

My thoughts: I give it ❤️❤️❤️. I have to admit this is the lowest rating I’ve ever given to any of Charlie Cochet’s books. I love this series and this is the last book in the series before moving the characters onto a different path. She tied up some loose ends and opened other doors for a different plot line. I didn’t feel as invested in the characters with this story. Don’t get me wrong. I still adore all of them and Ms. Cochet’s books are some of my favorites. This just isn’t one of them.

Author’s Blurb:
When THIRDS agent Dexter J. Daley met Team Leader Sloane Brodie, he couldn’t have imagined how slamming into his new partner—literally—would shake both their worlds. Now four years later, they’ve faced dangers, fought battles both personal and professional… and fallen deeply in love. Now their big moment is finally in sight, and they’re ready to stand up together and make it official. Unfortunately, as the countdown to their big day begins, an enemy declares war on the THIRDS….

With their family in danger, Dex and Sloane are put to the test on how far into darkness they’ll walk to save those they love. As secrets are unearthed, a deadly betrayal is revealed, and Dex and Sloane must call on their Destructive Delta family for one last hurrah to put an end to the secret organization responsible for so much devastation.

Dex and Sloane will have plenty of bullets to dodge on the way to the altar, but with happiness within their grasp, they are determined to get there come hell or high water….

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