My thoughts: I give it ⊗. I should have known better! I’ve read two of this author’s works and didn’t like either one of them even though I powered through and finished them. 
This one…I DNF at 40%. Too gruesome and I just didn’t like the MC!

Author’s Blurb:
Ex-U.S. black ops warrior Will Slater never anticipated anything less than carnage when he made the decision to venture into war-torn Yemen. He wasn’t looking for peace, hitting the road in a deliberate effort to find trouble.

But he didn’t expect to have to call on his skill set so soon…

A young Yemeni boy is dead, maimed by northern highland tribesmen in the Hadhramaut Valley. The act was intended to send a message to the remote mountain town of Qasam, ordering them not to interfere with the business of the tribes. Slater sets off into the mountains in pursuit of vengeance. It was supposed to be a simple act of vigilante justice, but what he uncovers spells disaster for hundreds of thousands of innocent lives…

The boy was just the tip of the iceberg.

From the foreboding caves of the Yemeni highlands to the bustling streets of inner-city London, Slater must fight tooth-and-nail to prevent an unspeakable horror, the likes of which the world has never seen before.

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