Shadow’s Return

My thoughts: I give it ❤️❤️  A lot of my issues with the first book in the series continued with this book. There needed to be more background to the story, more depth with the characters, and a better flow. The mystery itself was not bad (even if I did figure it out very early on). I just felt like the story would have felt more complete with more background regarding Will. He seems to be such an important part of their story but I don’t know who he was, how he died, how Thompson and Will became such good friends and why Thompson didn’t tell Liam he loved him sooner, etc. Will is still such a shadow between the MCs, but still such a mystery, so he becomes more of a distraction than an actual plot point.

I feel like there is the potential for another story if it is willing to delve into the connections between the MCs. Not just the sex, but the more emotional connections and what initially built them. 

Author’s Blurb:
In Book Two, Psychic Liam Baker and Detective Kimball Thompson have embarked on a romantic relationship after battling the deadly and powerful psychic, Steven Pine months ago. They ended his brutal killing spree of young male prostitutes, and he’s safely in jail.

But when someone starts murdering young college girls, some disturbing clues seem to lead back to Stephen Pine. But he’s locked up and awaiting trial. There’s no possible way he could be involved in the new murders.

Yet Liam can’t shake the chilling feeling that Pine has somehow figured out a way to reach out from his jail cell to continue murdering innocent victims.

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